How to Make Work from Home on Windows Simple and Secure

If we talk about the offices, there’s no responsibility on you regarding the security of data. That’s the work of the IT department, which they tend to do to secure everything online.

But when it comes to the current crisis, Global pandemic has transformed the entire work mode of enterprises.

People are staying at home to prevent themselves from the attack of COVID-19. That’s the reason they are also working in their home for the company.

However, here the IT department is not available with every employee. So the risks of a data breach are evident and alarming for such situations. Therefore, an employee needs to do the task in a safe environment to secure the entire data of the company. Suppose you are running a business and worry about such a situation.

In that case, the article will provide you with a set of information that will help your employees to secure the company data while working from home.

Practical Tips to Keep the Work from home on Windows Simple and secure

Provide VPN Access to every employee

If you want to include an additional layer of security, you need to consider a VPN. There is a strong reason you should opt for best Windows 10 VPN.

For that, you can consider a lot of paid versions available on the internet to secure the overall data transfer and online searching tasks.

The work of VPN is very productive when it comes to secure and simple experience of internet usage.

VPN or virtual private network is a set of software that brings the option of a private server, so the third-party couldn’t analyze any personal data of the company.

In VPN access, the sniffers or hackers will never get the IP address and location of your employee system.

The user has to connect with a VPN server, and that’s all others would see whenever they are trying to enter in the personal information.

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Apart from that, Paid VPN’s also provide the option of data encryption, which helps the data to keep inside a user and the VPN server.

The reason you should go for a paid VPN is because of the excellent amount of Bandwidth it offers. It’s not possible to get the unlimited amount of data bandwidth on a free version.

Because company data transfers tend to happen in a considerable amount, so the free VPN would not assist it better. Moreover, Free VPN’s doesn’t provide fast internet speed, and there is not a valid authentication that the hackers would never break the free layer of security.

Majority of the hackers are providing the free VPN services, so your minor mistake on using a free VPN could cost your company a lot.

Guide Employees about Security:

Every employee has a specific set of skill, so it’s not evident that they are aware of data security knowledge.

Therefore, it’s good to guide them about every basic to advance understanding that can help them to keep the work secure.

Few things that matter for security purposes are like avoiding the use of Public Wi-Fi, prevent them from using fake email services.

Also, telling them to secure home Wi-Fi routers secure, and guide them to keep their device security updated.

Guide them about not clicking on any links they get on email, which is sent through a third-party app or user.

In the majority of the cases, it tends to be malware or DNS attacks, which wiped away the entire data of the companies.

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Perform Audit of Employees System Passwords

A company owner needs to do the audit of its employee’s device passwords. It doesn’t support the things where you have to ask for the employee personal details.

However, it does support the things where the company has to access the employee password to change it with a more strict and hard to break numbers.

Your employee has to use two-step verification along with setting an alphanumeric password for the devices. Or, ask them to set the password that is toughest for anyone to break or think about.

Also, make sure to save these passwords, so if the employee forgets it, they can re-check the password and apply it.

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Guide them about updating the Software’s

Every employee needs to keep the software’s updated. Old versions of software’s tend to become more exposed towards the hackers or sniffers. The reason behind is the software companies who focus on the new version of the software and keeps it as secure as they can.

You have to guide the employees always to activate the automatic software updates option for the devices.

Guide them about changing the Default Password of Wi-Fi router:

If you are running a company, it’s common that you have hired a team of IT support team. Tell them to call every employee and guide them about changing the password of their home Wi-Fi router.

The reason behind it is the default password of the Wi-Fi routers that tends to become the top reason for the data breach.

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As you are working from home, you have to understand that home Wi-Fi routers are easily hackable and un-prevented from the DNS and malware Attacks. Therefore, setting up a private password is the ultimate need.


Working from home has become the trend of the current times because of the Global Pandemic issues. Therefore, it’s evident that the employee working from home is not getting the amount of security for their devices, which the devices of the company provide due to the IT support.

That’s what makes it evident to guide your employee about securing their devices. When we talk about guiding the employees for safe and secure device usage, it comes with a lot of tips. First of all, your employee should opt for best Windows 10 VPN, which is the necessity these days.

Apart from that, a few other things also play an essential role throughout the work from the home process. Some of them are:

  • Changing the Default Wi-Fi router password.
  • Updating Software’s.
  • Performing the Device Password audit.
  • Guidance about Securing the Device

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