How To Remove Blemishes And Pimple Marks In Your Photos

Yes, indeed, you always want that perfect photo that’s blemish-free: you want to remove all the blemishes, scars, or even more, a beauty spot or a pimple you don’t like. Even some people find it disgusting seeing blemishes on their skin most especially when it’s on a beautiful portrait photo. You’ll need photoshop software and going forward, you’ll fully learn how blemishes can be removed from your photos.

Use A Spot Healing Brush Tool From Photoshop

Luckily you can do this — have blemish-free photos — with the use of photoshop application. Blemish removal allows you to remove selected spots of a pimple, acne, etc. To do this you need two connected circles which are the target circle and sample circle to use.

The target sample determines which area is to be changed while the sample circle determines which area of the photo is used to heal the spot. This Is all the more reason professionals at Parker Photographic advise you to only remove blemishes and spots in portrait mode. This is the best way to remove blemish and pimples or even more a mole from your pictures.

First things first, the photo needs to be in portrait mode, as it’s the easiest way to remove the blemish from your photos.

To do this, simply right-click your image file and select, open with a photo editor, or better still open the Photoshop application; then select the file and open up your image for editing.

Thereafter set the hardness of your brush to 10% then check the sample all layers option.

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Don’t forget to add a transparent layer. You can do this by applying your edit onto a blank layer, but make sure you can go back to the original image when you need to; in case if you make a mistake when trying to edit the image, you can always add a new layer.

Iphone photo

Be sure to select the transparent layer from the layers panel at the bottom right of the Photoshop application. Then brush all blemishes you want off of your portrait image — using the spot healing brush tool — this tool works like the Photoshop regular brush.

If you followed the above steps perfectly, you can check to see if the spot healing brush removed the blemishes well enough.

Use A Healing Brush Tool To Remove Blemishes

If you feel dissatisfied with the outcome of the photo edits using the spot healing brush tool, then you can use the healing brush tool; you can find it under the same tools in the left-hand sidebar in the Photoshop application. You can do this too by pressing alt+click to select a clearer part of your skin in the photo.

By utilizing this Photoshop tool you will use the clear portion of your skin to cover the blemished area as you paint over it. The upside of this healing tool is that you get a little more control over how you would like to edit the blemish in your photo.

You can use different samples to create a natural effect and in turn, still retain the skin’s texture as you paint.

The healing brush tool is simply a replacement texture tool, it takes away damaged texture and replaces it with a good one – it’s healing your image. It’s very simple to use and delivers fast results.

Use Patch Tool To Clear Your Blemishes

If you want to remove any form of blemish on your photo in a non-circular or larger area the patch tool is great for removing pimples. To do so press the buttons Ctrl + alt + shift + e, to create a layer. Thereafter, use the patch tool to select the blemished area of your skin.

Then once you’ve selected it, click inside the selected area, then drag the mouse outside the area with blemished skin. Doing this you will see the area filled in with the patch of the surrounding skin.

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You can either remove blemishes from your face with the patch tool, the spot healing brush, the healing brush. More so, Photoshop is a great application to remove blemishes or acne on your face – and even more so through different ways.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools and settings and even combine them to get the desired effect. You can always undo any mistake until you get the perfect photo.

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