Top 31+ Sites Like Canva: Drag-and-Drop Your Creativity


Looking for some kind of alternatives to Canva? Canva is one of the most popular websites which is free for online graphic designing and is a great tool that is also massively popular.

For good reason – it’s one of the most amazing tools! You will be glad to know that, there are many other different applications which are available which will be able to help you to easily accomplish the same tasks which you were able to accomplish with the help of canva.


So if you are a person who is looking for a completely different approach, or you are a person who may be even looking for just some of the new templates or for the interface options available, the graphic design applications which I’m going to tell you about in this article are the applications which are absolutely worth to look for.

For each and every Canva alternatives that are listed here, I am going to tell you a bit of extra about them, also why you would like to pick it over the great Canva.

Now let me give you the list of websites like canva. All of the options that are listed below are worth checking for.

List of 11 Sites Like Canva: Drag-and-Drop Your Creativity

1. Template



They create Premium Designs and Documents for our users at They’re a group of programmers, artists, designers, lawyers, marketers, and writers from all over the world. They all have the same goal in mind: to get the world’s work done faster and smarter.

2. DesignBold



DesignBold could be a tool that’s quite kind of like Canva. Whereas you’ll feel right reception in DesignBold’s interface if you’re already conversant in Canva, DesignBold will do one or two things well to differentiate itself.

First off, it does have a way the larger choice of stock photos. therefore if you were forever defeated by the stock photos out there in Canva, you’ll be happy to understand that DesignBold affected a handle the popular stock icon website DepositPhotos to form all of DepositPhotos’ stock pictures out there within DesignBold (for a fee of course).

Additionally, DesignBold incorporates a whole new set of templates that you simply will select from once you’re making your styles.

Like Canva, DesignBold incorporates a stellar free setup. Then, if you would like a lot of options, you’ll be able to upgrade to a paid conceive to get access to tools like:

  • Custom color palettes for your own style information
  • Limit of 20MB transfer (free set up is 5MB)
  • Download the PDF for the Print (in beta)
  • The ability to transfer custom fonts
  • Magic size tool which will allow you to utilize a similar style across all the totally different dimensions
  • Download the clear PNG
  • The pro set up does start at a price of $19 per month.

3. Fotor



Fotor is another tool that gives an astonishingly similar interface to Canva. If you get pleasure from the Canva interface, you’ll feel the right reception in Fotor.

Like the others, you choose your dimensions then build your page from a spread of text and form components. Or, you’ll forever begin from a template that is premade if blank canvases aren’t your factor.

The only drawback here of Fotor is that, at the time I’m penning this post, their library of components isn’t nearly pretty much as good as Canva or DesignBold.

4. Wepik



Wepik is the place to go if you want to try out all of Canva’s premium services while saving money. All the features are free, including the thousands of templates that can be personalized to the smallest detail. Select and edit as many as you need, then import your images, logos, and color palette.

If you prefer to use professional images, Wepik has a large collection of Freepik resources. The same can be said for Flaticon, the world’s largest icon database,  whose icons can be customized on Wepik. Plus — their background remover works wonders.

But you’ll enjoy their AI Image generator if you want images that pop-up out of nowhere. Write a prompt — basically, a sentence describing the picture you want the AI to create — like “two puppy dogs wearing Christmas sweaters,” and the editor will give four freshly-generated images for you to choose from.

Once you sign up, you can access the “My projects” section, where you can find all your projects and edit them as many as you need to. This feature is especially useful if you work with invoices, menus, promotions, or even social media posts.

5. Stencil



A stencil could be a graphic style tool that’s targeted at promoting, instead of creating graphic style accessible. And on the far side of promoting, Stencil is specifically targeted on social media pictures.

This “niching down” does permit them to supply a hyper-focused tool, although you’ll conjointly lose some flexibility once it does involve templates and stock photos.

The big draw of Stencil is that it’s designed to permit you to force social media pictures as quickly as attainable. And it’s conjointly stupid easy to use.

Stencil has many templates, 1, 200, 00+ CC0 pictures, 800,000+ icons, 100,000+ quotes, and plenty of alternative neat options.

They have free arrangements that permit you to produce ten pictures per month. However, if you actually wish to use it to spice up your social media tools, you’ll like one among the paid plans beginning at $9 per month.

6. Snappa



Snappa is another general style tool that simplifies graphic style enough to create it accessible to a median person. Quickly produce pictures supported set dimensions or pre-built templates. Then, edit and add effects as required to form the proper style.

Snappa offers up 200+ fonts and three thousand + vectors and shapes to assist you to produce some gorgeous styles. And what’s very nice is that you simply will schedule your pictures to post on social media while not deed the Snappa interface.

That’s positively handy!

Like Canva, Snappa conjointly incorporates a feature that helps you to mechanically size pictures to convert between totally different dimensions.

Snappa incorporates a free setup that permits five downloads per month. After that, you ought to go along with the $10 per month professional setup.

7. DocHipo



DocHipo is an excellent alternative to Canva for marketers and content creators. You will love the beautiful user interface and the intuitive design editor.

You can choose from a wide variety of beautifully designed templates for infographics, flyers, posters, web banners, social graphics, and other document types. The templates are segregated by industry, occasion, and so on.

One of the major attractions of DocHipo is its premium-quality design assets. The cute illustrations, stickers, animations, and icons help you create unique designs. DocHipo supports real-time collaboration amongst multiple users while designing a document.

One of the unique offerings of DocHipo is its multi-company capability, i.e., a user can be part of multiple companies under one log-in. This helps the user segregate their designs company-wise and switch companies easily. The ability to remove background from a picture in just one click, integrate with Mailchimp, and download a design in JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, or GIF make it a solid alternative to Canva.

You can sign up to DocHipo for free or upgrade to the Pro-Edition only at USD 7.5/month.

8. Crello



Crello could be a completely new site like canva that a couple of totally different individuals shared within the comments. I haven’t used it the maximum no. of times because of other applications that are available, however, it appears to be quite versatile and has a decent set of templates.

One neat feature is the ability to form animated content or maybe Instagram video stories.

In total, Crello supports forty totally different formats.

9. Piktochart



Piktochart is what Canva would appear as if it were solely centered on infographics and charts and graphs. It’s positively a distinct segment use, however, if you are doing end up desperate to produce infographics or reports, then Piktochart could be a specialized tool for the duty.

Piktochart includes a variety of infographic templates to form it simple for you to form the infographic though you’ve not at all done it before.

While Piktochart will have a free setup, you actually got to come with the professional setup if you wish access to the simplest templates and options.

10. Adobe Spark


adobe spark

Adobe Spark is a tool that is a mobile-style app from the folks behind Photoshop. therefore I believe it’s honest to mention that Adobe is aware of a factor or 2 concerning creating a solid style tool. However whereas Spark will return from Adobe, it’s got obscurity close to the educational curve of Photoshop.

Like Canva, its graphic design…simplified. With Adobe Spark, you’ll be able to quickly ready a range of social media pictures straight from your phone.

11. Desygner



Desygner is one of those apps that’s obtainable for each iPhone as well as the android device that permits you to make all sorts of styles on your mobile. It’s amazingly powerful. That is, it’s much more than simply taking pictures with text like several alternative graphic style mobile apps.

With this application, you will be able to easily design:

  • Covers and posts for the Facebook
  • Covers as well as the posts for twitter
  • Graphics for Pinterest
  • Materials for the marketing
  • Invitations
  • And lots more

For a mobile app, it’s positively one among your best choices for a Canva-like expertise on the go. There’s additionally an internet app version that’s on the approach.

11. PicMonkey



PicMonkey is a lot of targeted icon redaction than a full-on graphic style like Canva, DesignBold, and Stencil. Whereas you’ll be able to add text and vectors, most of the tools are on adjusting things like exposure, colors, and more.

It’s a pleasant tool for icon redaction, however, if you would like one thing to actually mimic Canva and others, then it would not be the simplest difference.

12. Easil



Email offers quite social media templates; therefore it’s a flexible tool that will permit you to make personal things additionally to business flyers, posters, as well as menus. For medium and little businesses, this enables you to simply cross whole in one place.

13. Animaker 



This is a website that isn’t really like the Canva. We have still included this in the list. Animaker will help you to easily create videos that are animated really easy to create!

14. Mega Creator


Mgea Creator

Mega Creator is an online vector editor that focuses on creating content for social media. It offers customizable templates, but also gives an opportunity to create your own design starting from scratch. Speaking about built-in graphics, Mega Creator provides users with images, illustrations, icons from a library within a tool, saving time searching for the visuals on the web.

This tool would be specifically interesting to Social Media managers and content creators, because they will find almost everything they need in just one product. The price for downloading one design is $1, monthly subscription with an opportunity to download 100 designs is $29. But if you will use your own graphics to create design, you can download your work completely for free.



So these were some of the tools similar to canva. All of the apps work programs like canva and if you want, you can try all of these websites similar to canva. Canva is one of the best apps that are available but you can give it a try to other apps as well.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you do have any kind of suggestions then you are welcome to mention them in the comments down below and if also you have any kind of questions then you are welcome to mention them in the comments as well.

Also, you are welcome to let us know if you have any other apps or websites which are better than canva and you use them often.

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