Why Rainbow Riches is so Enjoyable

While the most casino and slot games are long-established, there are a few games that have taken the modern casino market by storm. Rainbow Riches is one of these, having earned a spot in the hearts of many casino fans and become one of the most popular games available today.

Barcrest may not be a household name, but anyone who has ever played on a fruit machine in a pub or arcade will probably recognize their work. The company was founded in 1968 and it was soon the leading designer and producer of analog fruit machines both in the UK and internationally.

The company’s in-depth understanding of the market meant that Barcrest was in an excellent position to capitalise on the technological advances that allowed fruit machines and electronic gaming to flourish.

Understanding player behavior and what makes games fun led their team to develop a number of new and engaging games over several decades of designing and building with customers in mind.

As digital gaming became more widespread, Barcrest was already leading the field but their real coup came in 2006 when they first released Rainbow Riches. The game was instantly popular, and the combination of a familiar format and appealing graphics and an Irish theme made it all the more playable.

The basics of Rainbow Riches

The game itself is pretty simple: it has five reels, three rows and the graphics and gameplay are all designed to be engaging and fun. The game itself is simple, with only the visual elements distinguishing it from other similar versions, but people keep coming back for the bonus games.

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Spinning three leprechauns is the key to real fun as this activates a bonus game which is basically a completely new game within the first. The whole screen changes to let you know that great things are afoot, and you can find a wheel of fortune and an array of multipliers just waiting for you to try your luck.

This additional level takes you beyond the slot experience and provides another level of excitement as you try to achieve the top bonuses. There are bonuses to be grabbed that allow you to bag 500 times your original stake, and if you get a screen full of Rainbow Riches symbols, you could walk away with a payout of up to 4000 times your original stake.

Next generation developments

As with any popular game, the success of the original Rainbow Riches spurred on further games along the same theme. One of the main benefits of online gaming and virtual slots is the capacity to incorporate more creativity and novelty into the gameplay.

The limit of what can be achieved was no longer set by the capacity of the technology, but by the imaginations of the designers. This meant that more intricate and entertaining elements could be introduced to the basic game to add variety without compromising the game’s playability and mass appeal.

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Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

This was certainly the case with Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold, one of the most popular successors to the original that soon had a fan base of its own. The theme is the same, but the later version incorporates more features to ensure that players have even more chances to discover something fun.

Reels of Gold has two sets of five reels, for a total of ten, meaning that players can enjoy the enhanced gameplay that is popular in other slots but with the familiar and fun backdrop of a firm favorite.

This game also features ‘Big Bet Mode’ which increases your chances of winning by allowing you to increase your stake at a crucial moment and capitalise on your good luck. Once activated, the Big Bet Mode gives you the choice of four options that allow you to choose additional spins for increased stakes.

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The addition of more features in this later version of the game has made it popular with players that like to mix things up. You never know quite what you’re going to get with Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold, and this appeals to players that appreciate the variety.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

The format of this game is very similar to the original, with five reels, three rows and ten pay lines, so fans of the early version will be familiar with the set-up. What keeps players coming back time and time again, though, is the sheer number of free spins you can win while playing.

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The bonus symbol is the key, and if you can find it on more than one reel at a time, you can start building up your free spins, with an initial offering of twenty to start with. This can be multiplied easily through careful use of reel one which can therefore be combined with other reels to build up to an incredible total of 999 free spins. 

There are now numerous variations on the Rainbow Riches theme, all with their own unique appeal, including various bonuses and opportunities to increase your winnings.

It’s easy to see why Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular games around – the appealing graphics combine with engaging gameplay to create a game that has something for everyone. With so many successful games, players can choose one that suits their style of play to make for a truly enjoyable slot experience.

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