11 Solutions To Fix Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65

Hulu error code PLAUNK65 message while you are streaming a movie online can be extremely disturbing.

When you get this message on your screen, it indicates nothing but a network connectivity error. It can happen because of a faulty internet connection or even if the Hulu servers are down. 

If it’s a server error, you might need to wait for Hulu to resolve the error. You can also resolve the errors by following the solutions we have here. Once you fix the error, you can reboot the device and resume your online streaming.

Network connection issues are one of the major reasons behind the error code. However, there can be other causes behind the Hulu app playback issues. If there is no internet issue, refreshing the Hulu web player or app will resolve the error sometimes. 

Why Does Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65 Occur?

As mentioned earlier network problem is the major reason behind the Hulu error code PLAUNK65. Apart from that, the other reasons that can cause online streaming failure are-

  • Cache Memory with Corrupted Data.
  • Streaming Online On Outdated Devices.

Your Hulu web page will fail to load if you have a slow internet connection. But if you know the solutions to fix the error, you can resume streaming in no time.

11 Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65

We have listed 11 troubleshooting steps for resolving the Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65. If there is no issue from the Hulu server’s end, these solutions will work on your system.

Fix 1: Work on The Internet Connection


Online streaming on Hulu is majorly dependent on internet connection. Hence, the primary thing to fix would be your internet connectivity speed. You need a strong network connection to fix all errors and bugs.

To ensure you have proper connectivity, you can follow these three steps-

A. Speed Testing:
speed test
Source: wikimedia.org

Hulu needs a minimum internet speed of stable 3Mbps to stream regular videos and movies. If you need to stream a live show, you need a minimum of 8Mbps speed.

To ensure that there is not a streaming error, you can run a speed test and check the internet status. 

You might face a slow connection when there are too many devices connected to one network. Hulu fails to load the videos when there is too much pressure on your connection.

Resolve the speed issues by disconnecting other devices that are not getting used. 

Your internet speed is also dependent on the router’s location. Sometimes, keeping your streaming device near the router improves internet speed and hence, resolves the Hulu error code.

B. Device Power Cycling:

To boost your internet connectivity, you can try to power cycle your streaming device. 

Unplug the streaming device > Unplug your modem/router> Allow some time > Plug in all devices to power source > Check for error messages.

If the error message prevails on your system, switch to a wired internet connection from your Wi-Fi.

C. DNS Settings Check:

Your router’s default settings allow you to prioritize the online traffic from a particular device. You can alter the DNS settings of your router and prioritize online streaming on Hulu.

Fix 2: Clear Cache Memory on Your Streaming Device

Clear Cache and Data

Did you know that corrupted cache files and cooking on your browser and device can trigger Hulu error code PLAUNK65?

If you want your device to perform smoothly, you need to clear the cache memory and cookies from time to time.

Clearing cache has often resulted in resolving the Hulu online streaming error.

For Android phones, tablets, and TV: Go to Settings > Click on Apps > Check all the apps > Go to Storage and cache > Click on “Clear Storage” > Select “Clear Cache”

For iOS: Go to the iOS settings > Click on the “General” option > Select Storage, followed by Hulu > Delete and uninstall the app > Go to your app store and reinstall the Hulu app.

For Fire TV: Navigate to Settings > Select “Applications” > Click on “Manage Installed Applications” > Select Hulu > Click on “Clear Cache” followed by “Clear data.”

💡Tips: If your device not listed then check how to clear cache and data on hulu for different devices.

Fix 3: Update The Streaming Device

fix hulu error code plaunk65 img06

Are you using an outdated online streaming device? If yes, your device firmware is likely to get weaker as you miss out on important updates to enjoy online streaming.

Naturally, it will encourage more bugs and errors on your device, interrupting online streaming. 

We recommend updating the device where you stream Hulu to fix the PLAUNK65 error.

Or follow the link to know how to check for app and system updates.

Fix 4: Update Your Hulu App


It is not just your streaming device that requires to be updated. If you have an older version of the Hulu app on your system, it can cause streaming errors.

Go to the device Playstore and update, check if there is any update for Hulu and download the latest version of the application on your system to prevent Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65.

Or follow the link to know how to check for app and system updates.

Fix 5: Disable or Remove Ad-Blockers

hulu error code plaunk65

Ad blockers on your streaming device or Hulu app, or the server can often lead to streaming errors.

If you have any ad-blockers installed on your device, remove/uninstall them immediately and check if the error persists.

Fix 6: Refresh and Reload The Video When There is A Connection Error

fix hulu error code plaunk65 img02

Reloading or refreshing your Hulu app or website, selecting the video you wish to watch, often resolves connectivity errors.

Reloading the website initiates a troubleshooting procedure and, in turn, results in fixing errors.

Fix 7: Try Other Internet Connections

fix hulu error code plaunk65 img03

If your Hulu app or website is not working on your Wi-Fi connection, try using another source of data like your LAN.

There might be some issues with your local network, which get resolved by using an alternate data source. 

Fix 8: Restart The Router or Network Device

fix hulu error code plaunk65 img04

If you have a slow internet connection leading to Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65, you can try to fix the error by restarting your network device. 

Turn off the modem and router > Wait for a couple of minutes > Restart both the devices and see if there is any improvement in the connectivity.

Fix 9: Use A VPN

fix hulu error code plaunk65 img05

VPN or Virtual Private Network has the capability of bypassing routing problems you face from your network service provider.

When you have a VPN on your device, you can connect with other servers located in a different geographical area.

VPN works like a miracle in fixing Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65, which occurs because of faults.


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Fix 10: Social Media Check

Social Media outage

Social media checks will not resolve the error directly. But you can connect with others who are facing similar issues.

You can refer to their problems and follow the solutions they are using to fix their errors. Hulu outage on social media platforms is now becoming common.

Go to social media platforms and check the Tweets or updates from Hulu users.

Fix 11: Restart Your Streaming Device

Restart Your Streaming Device

If you are stuck with Hulu online streaming, you can try shutting down the computer or other streaming device and restarting it.

Restarting your device often fixes server issues. Ensure that your system has not gone into the Sleep Mode.

The device needs to be turned off completely to fix the error. 

What if The Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65 Persists?

Are you still getting Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65 on your system after trying all the eleven fixes?

It clearly means the issue is not with your device or internet connection. Probably the error lies with Hulu itself. 

There is no simple solution for the same. You need to connect with your ISP to look for a solution. Ask for support from the Hulu customer support team. They will be able to offer official fixes for the issue.

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