5 Tips on How to Organize Your Office Desk

You probably have an office desk to yourself but have you ever wondered if it’s helping you yield adequate results at work? Your work desk organization goes a long way in ensuring your productivity, which is why you should take it seriously.

Your office desk reflects your style and personality that is also reflected in your work output. How you design your office matters and you want to ensure that it appeals to you every time you walk into it and get set to work. 

No one should remain in a bland office with no spice, as it can affect your creativity level, and most importantly, not make you as productive as you should. 

This article highlights some important tips on how to organize your desk at work.

1. Declutter Your Office

Before you can get started on organizing your space for maximum output, you need to first ensure that the clutters are out. Purge your office as much as you can and take out irrelevant items.

Discard those random papers and documents that you don’t need anymore and take out items or furniture that haven’t been used in a while and will probably never be used.

Decluttering your space not only helps you create more space but it also has a huge impact on your brain and work.

A 2017 study found behavioral procrastination to be related to clutter, which shows that people who have a lot of stuff in their homes are more likely to not get their work done and procrastinate.

Too much clutter can also make you feel stressed, anxious, and depressed, as it affects your mental state, which also hinders your productivity.

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As you get on the journey to organizing your office desk, remember to start by decluttering. One simple tip that could help is to have organizing items, such as shelves and files to keep documents, rather than have them littered around. 

2. Get Your Layout Right

As you set up your office chair and desk, ensure it is arranged properly to suit your height and help you maintain a correct posture. Your monitor should be directly in front of you at arm’s length, with the top of the screen at eye-level.

You can use a monitor mount to lift your monitor or laptop higher to ensure you maintain the screen at eye-level. This helps ensure you don’t strain your eyes or slouch your neck as you work. 

You can also set up your desk in such a way that you have everything within reach, so you don’t have to constantly stretch or reach out to further documents or get up from time to time, which could be distracting. Keep your phone or supplies on your dominant side.

You can also get standing desk accessories if you use a standing desk to ensure you have the proper office layout and also maintain a correct and comfortable posture as you work. 

3. Color Code Your Filing System

Color-coded filing not only beautifies your space but also helps you find files quicker and spend less time searching for documents. You can use a color palette that is probably in line with your brand and choose up to 5 categories of colors or less that you can work with.

Each color should represent something; for example, you can have the green color for finance records, so every time you need a document related to finances, you know which color to go for. 

While you work on organizing your files, it is also important to reduce your use of papers as much as possible. We are in the digital age and you may want to take advantage of the digital apps we have today, some of which also allow you to color code.

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Of course, certain documents would still need a physical space but if there are any that can be stored digitally, do that and reduce the clutter.

You can get a whiteboard to write quick important things that can be easily erased rather than using and dumping papers. Using fewer papers is also a great way to contribute to a sustainable environment. 

4. Organize Your Drawers

Take advantage of your drawers if you have them and store important items such as your markers, stamps, envelopes, sticky pads, and notepads. All these can be together in a single drawer, so you have an idea of where to find them.

You can also store important documents in another drawer within reach. By organizing your drawers according to the items you use and how you use them, you will save yourself fewer distractions looking for an item.

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5. Infuse Your Style and Personality

This is especially effective for home offices where you have the liberty to design your office to suit you. You can make your office look more like you by infusing your style and personality into the design.

If you are an introvert and would prefer a minimalistic design, you can design your office to suit just that, with few items, minimal colors, and clear space that you would be happy to walk into.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be loud, you can design your office with a mix of colors that appeal to your style and personality. Use the right blend of colors to get what you want.

Introducing your style and personality into your workspace goes a long way as it could encourage you to work better and also improve your creativity. You can also use wallpapers and custom frames or stickers to say what you’d love to see every day and to also inspire you as you work


How to organize an office desk goes a long way but the most important thing is to ensure that it appeals to the user of the desk and also aids productivity.

The tips shared in this article can help you in organizing a proper standing desk that you’ll be delighted to use every time and will also help you get the work done quickly and effectively.

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