[5 Hacks] How to Find WiFi Password On Windows 10

Many windows 10 users don’t know how to find or see wifi password windows 10. Here I’ll share 5 simple methods that help you to check wifi password on windows 10.

I know you’re thinking like it’s that really simple?

Yeah, Of course, it’s very simple because I have included each and every single step in the post to check wifi password on windows 10.

When we access WiFi from at home or restaurant, we generally tend to save the password in our system.

This ensures the free flow of the internet from WiFi without the trouble of password input every time you access the network.

What if you want to access some other device with the same WiFi connection and you forget the password?

What if you lost the small piece of paper given to you by the restaurant with a password on it?

Believe it or not, your system follows some process to find the WiFi password on windows 10.

Now ready guys to retrieve a saved Wifi password on Windows 10 PC.

Though all of them end at the same final step, each is unique in their approach.

How to find a Wi-fi password on Windows 10?

The steps under each method are very simple.

However, one must remember that these steps are only applicable to a Windows 10/8/7 device.

If you want to retrieve the password on an android and iOS device, the process will be different.

Method 1: Password Retrieval with Command Key:

This method is applicable to Windows 10/8/7. Point to note here, This method only works when devices that are already connected to the network, for which you seek the password.

The steps can be simply noted as.

  1. Combine Press the keys “Win+R” and open the “Run” box.
  1. Type in the command “ncpa.cpl” and press the “Enter” button.
run win+r ncpa.cpl command
  1. The “Network connections” page opens from this.
  1. Press the “Right-Click” button on the “Wireless Network Adaptor” icon on the screen.
right-click on Wireless Network Adaptor
  1. A Drop-down menu appears on the screen. Select the option mentioning “Status” in bold.
  1. You will be taken to the General Wi-Fi status page. Click on the “Wireless Properties” tab from the page.
Wireless Properties
  1. Go to the “Security” Tab You will find the “Network Security Key” with a hidden password here.
find the network security key windows 10
  1. Click to check the “Show characters” box below to reveal the hidden password for the Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2: Find Connected Wifi Password Windows 10 Using Cmd:

This is a very popular method to find connected wifi Password in Windows 10 using the command prompt (CMD). because many windows users love to do some technical tricks in computers through CMD.

Here you follow Steps in CMD.

  1. Press “Windows + R” and Type “CMD” under Run box & Press “Enter”.
run command prompt
  1. Now Type This command “netsh wlan show profile” and Press “Enter”.

After This command You’ll See a List of “WiFi” user profiles whenever you connected with these profiles. The next command will help you showing the password.

type netsh wlan show profiles command
  1. Now Type This command “netsh wlan show profile [Network Name] key=clear” Press “Enter”.
netsh wlan show profile name=wifi name key=clear
  1. Now you scroll-down and under “Security settings” you can see “Key Content” This showing your wifi password on the right-hand side.
see password of connected wifi windows 10

Or you can watch this video

Method 3: Finding a Password with Windows Search Tool:

A simple process to find your Wi-Fi password on Windows 10. You can easily find the Network area on your PC from the search bar on your screen.

This method is only applicable for Windows 10 devices.

  1. Click on the “Search” button.
  1. Type “Wi-Fi settings” then press the “Enter” button to open the settings.
find wifi settings windows 10
  1. Once the Wi-fi settings page opens, locate the “Related Settings” list on the top right-hand side of the page.
  1. Scroll down to “Network and Sharing Centre” and click on the link.
Network and Sharing Centre
  1. In the new Window locate your “Wi-Fi Network Name”. It is present right to the “Connections” icon in the center of the Window.
  1. Click on the Network name link to open the “Wi-Fi” Status page.
find wifi network name
  1. Click on the “Wireless Properties” tab on the status page to open the present network properties.
Wireless Properties
  1. Go to the “Security” Tab, Locate the “Network Security Key” tab with a hidden password.
find the network security key windows 10
  1. Click to check the “Show Characters” box below the hidden password for revelation.

Easily you will find the password to the auto-connected Wi-Fi network.

Method 4: Access the Hidden Password from the Network Toolbar on the System.

The below steps are applicable for any Windows 10 device. If you have a Windows 10 you will see a Network icon located on the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you are accessing Wi-Fi, it shows the Wi-Fi icon, if you have connected through a dongle, then the symbol is that of a connected screen.

Like before, to have access to the network password, you need an active Wi-Fi.

To be sure you have an active wi-fi check the network symbol first. If it is showing a globe, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi.

Now for retrieving your password follow below steps.

  1. Go to the Network toolbar on the downright corner of the screen and “Right-click” on the icon.
  1. Click on “Open Network and internet settings”. It can also appear as “Open Network and Sharing Centre”.
open network and internet settings windows 10
  1. Scroll to find the “Change adaptor options” link and click on the same.
change adapter options
  1. This leads to the “Network connections” Page.
  1. Locate the “Wi-Fi” Network on the page and “Right-Click” on the icon.
right-click on Wireless Network Adaptor
  1. You get a drop-down list here. Select the “Status” link in bold from the list.
  1. A pop-up window stating “Wi-Fi Status” opens up.
  1. Go to the “Wireless Properties” tab and click on the same.
Wireless Properties
  1. From the Wireless network properties pop-up window locate the “Security” tab and click to open.
  1. Locate the “Network Security Key” tab with hidden password details.
find the network security key windows 10
  1. Click on the “Show characters” box to check and reveal your password.
  1. Once you have noted the password, press “OK” to terminate the process.

Method 5: Finding out Wi-Fi Password from the Windows 10 Start Menu:

Like all the above processes, you need to have Wi-Fi access to search for the password. Probably almost as a similar process as Method 2, the start option is easy to find.

The method follows below steps.

  1. Press the “Windows + I” from on your keyboard.
  1. You’ll get new popup windows of “Windows Settings”.
  1. From “Windows Settings” Page locate the “Network and Internet” link and click on the same.
network and internet settings windows 10
  1. This opens your “Network Status” Page Scroll down and locates the link “Sharing Options” and click on the same.
sharing options in windows 10
  1. You reach “Advanced Sharing Settings” under “Network and Sharing Centre”.
  1. Click on the “Network and Sharing Centre” back arrow.
Network and Sharing Centre
  1. In the new page locate your “Wireless Network Name”. Typically, it’s on the right-hand side of the tab “Connections”.
  1. Click on the name to access the “Wi-Fi Status” pop-up Window.
  1. Click on the “Wireless Properties” button to access the properties window.
click on wireless properties
  1. Select the “Security” tab from the window to find the “Network Security Key”.
  1. The password is hidden beside the Network security key. To reveal the same, click check the “Show Characters” box.
find the network security key windows 10
  1. Once you have the password, click on the “OK” button to close the windows.


All of the above processes are pretty simple. Though the ending is majorly similar to all of them, they are unique in their own way.

You can try any of the methods according to your preference. Remember, these steps are only meant for Windows 10 PC.

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