Discord Error 1105: Here are The 6 Fixes You Can Rely On

Discord is a relatively new application that has captured the users’ attention quite quickly. Allowing the gamers to connect for live gaming sessions and chat options has made this application a great success in no time. But recently, various users complained about the Discord error 1105. Users of Windows have witnessed this issue.

So, let us explore the details of the causes and the potential solutions that can help resolve the error 1105 Discord seamlessly.

Reason For Discord Error 1105

This Discord error 1105 usually happens when users open the Discord app. It could be the desktop or online app for Discord. There are various reasons why you can see error 1105 on Discord when you first open the program.

The following are the primary reasons for this problem:

  • Discord or Cloudflare server difficulties could be one of the main causes of this error.
  • The Discord software may be disabled by the network administrator owing to bandwidth or other restrictions.
  • A corrupted app cache and data could potentially cause this issue.

6 Ways To Fix Discord Error 1105

The major fixes that you can use to rectify the error 1105 Discord with ease and efficiency are listed down below:

Solution 1. Check The Discord Server Status

This error could be caused by Discord or Cloudflare servers. One of the most typical causes of this error is a server outage. Cloudflare’s server security options are used by Cloudflare, a network provider for Discord. Both Discord and Cloudflare are to blame for the server outage.

Check out Discord and Cloudflare websites below where you can check for server problems.

discord server status

If you discover a server problem, you must wait for the problem to be resolved by the developers concerned. If you don’t identify any problems, the error could be caused by a local issue.

Solution 2. Restart your system

This solution works all-time for me that why I prefer to restart my computer before doing any troubleshooting.

The steps to follow to restart the system are quite simple as below:

  • Go to the Start Menu > Select Power option > Click on Restart button
restart the computer
  • Now, wait for the system to restart
  • Try using Discord now

Solution 3. Reset and Re-Connect Internet Connection

The 3rd solution you have to disconnect the internet unplug the router and plug in again to connect the internet to your computer.

For this, you will be needed to reset the router by following the steps below:

  • Disconnect the internet > Turn off the router
  • Wait for a couple of minutes > Turn on the router
  • Reconnect the internet on your Computer
  • Use Discord now

Solution 4. Restricted Network Issue

When you are using Discord with some other network, there are chances that due to some restrictions, you will face the issue. The local network issue is common at schools, colleges, cafes, and other public places. In such a situation, the best thing to do is connect with some other network and try to use Discord again.

But if you continue to face the issue, you should contact the network administrator who prevents you from using Discord. Your chances of getting Discord unblocked are minimal if this limitation is applied to limit the use of available bandwidth.

There is an option to use the VPN on a local network to access the same. Most VPNs are available free of charge and are very simple and friendly. The solution is discussed in the next section.

Solution 5. Use VPN

When it comes to selecting a VPN, there are multiple choices available. Some can be downloaded directly, while others require you to pay a basic charge. The selection of the VPN is based on your personal choice mainly. Also, the instructions to use the VPN are quite simple and similar irrespective of variant. Though some variation will be there, the overall functionality will be the same.

TunnelBear VPN, Privadovpn, Betternet VPN, and other free VPN services are available. But if you are looking for superior service, you can try other VPNs that are available, such as ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, NordVPN, and others. Try launching Discord with a free VPN to see if the error has gone away.

Solution 6. Delete Cache and Corrupt data

If the issue still pertains after using all the options, then try deleting the cache or corrupt files. Discord will automatically replace them with new ones, and there are chances that you will be able to use the same with ease and simplicity.

  • Press Windows + R keys Type %appdata% Hit Enter
  • Locate the Discord Subfolder > Delete it
delete discord from roming folder
  • Now press Windows key + R Type %localappdata% Click OK
  • Locate the Discord folder > Delete it
  • Again open %appdata%
  • Delete the Discord folder from there
  • Restart the system
  • Relaunch the Discord
  • Now check


Discord has made a lot of things, including live streaming, quite easier for gamers. But Discord error 1105 can be considered as a hurdle in the way of smooth functioning. Though the chances of facing errors are still low, it is not negligible. Knowing the right solutions to use can help a great deal.

So, next time you face error 1105 Discord, try using the solutions suggested above and get back to using the application seamlessly.

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