15 Sites similar to Aliexpress


Every person who is doing business of any kind of product knows about the most popular website in this field aliexpress.com. It is a place where you will be able to get products at wholesale price and you can get those products directly from the manufacturers from the Chinese Market. The products available here are really cheap and you can get them even for cheaper prices with the use of coupons which are merchant specific. Aliexpress also helps you out if you go through any kind of trouble and they do have protection guarantees for the buyer. The product that you offer from their website could be a little expensive for you because of the shipment charges from China. Also you cannot sell any kind of product aliexpress if you are not a resident of China.

If you are looking for more options which have websites like aliexpress then you are at the right place. There are many stores online available which are quite similar to the aliexpress and can also be budget friendly for you. Today we are going to tell you about some of those websites.

Here is the list of top sites like aliexpress –

1. Amazon


Everybody knows about it website Amazon and you might already know that it is not a company which is based in China. All the sellers that are selling on this website are not wholesalers. On this website you will be able to get products of really high quality and the products which are genuine and a little bit less costly than the market price of the product. You might not get the product at the wholesale price but you will get the product of the highest quality on this website. This is a great site if you are looking for sites like aliexpress in USA.

2. EBay


This site is very similar to aliexpress and you will be able to trade the products at a very convenient service. Best part about this website is that you will be able to bed for any product on this website in an option. You can submit the offer price of yours to the seller and it’s completely up to the seller that he wants to sell that product to you or not at that price. If you are good at bargaining then you might get a really good deal

3. LightInthebox


This is a stone which is Chinese and it does have more than 1 million products which are on sale on this website and these products to range from small electronic items to furniture and much more. This website does ship in more than 200 countries and many different regions and do accept all the major payment forms and it also uses the good International Services for courier like FedEx.

4. Bonanza


This is also very amazing Marketplace online with more than 20 million products which are available on this website and it also have more than 50000 sellers while selling product on this website. Here you will be able to find product signature handcrafted and you won’t be able to find these products anywhere else. The interface of this website is also very clean and easy to use.

5. OverStock


This is a website which was found in Utah in the year 1999. This is also website where you will be able to get very unique and amazing products. The website is overall not that big but it is good.

6. DealExtreme


Unlock the consumers will be able to communicate directly with the manufacturers from the Chinese Market who sell electronic products. This website does consist of many more products like toys, clothes and many other accessories to. They do ship in almost any part of the world and the good part is they don’t have any kind of shipping charges if the product you buy is of over $20. Here you will also be able to see reviews of the product and also questions asked by the customers to the manufacturers and also their answers. The overall website is not that big. This website does have only 300 thousand items and protein and around 400 suppliers.

7. MiniInTheBox


This is also a website where you will be able to get electronic items such as computer accessories, mobile accessories and many more. The website is overall really good and you should try it once. Shipping of the product is fast and also reliable at the same time. The sellers on this website’s are also trusted.

8. GeekBuying


Here you will be able to get products more than 10000 in quantity. You can get almost everything that you might want. If the weight of your product is less than 2 kg in the shipping charges will not be applied. Delivery service and cost of the product is really good and you can go for this website too.

9. Banggood


Here you will be able to get single product as well as products in large quantity from this website. They have really cool and amazing products on their website. Payment gateways are also very safe and the delivery is also very fast. All of the retailers on this website are from China.

10. DHGate


This website is also very popular in China is great for shopping online at wholesale rates and is very similar to website like aliexpress. There are around 1.2 million users on this website.

11. TomTom


Reviews of this website are great and people love to shop from this website too. There are many promotional schemes going on their website and you can save some money here.

12. DinoDirect


This website is also filled with Chinese retailers from where you can get products at wholesale price. They do have products in large quantity on their website. It is also a good website if you are looking for stores like aliexpress.

13. Jet


This is a website which is owned by Wal-Mart. All of the orders which are above 35 dollars have no shipping charges. You can get good products on retail prices on this website.

14. Newegg


This is also a great website for buying products online at wholesale prices from the sellers. You will be able to get shipping in 3 days for your product and there is a option to match prices of a product from other websites. You will be able to get great deals on stuff on their website and the collection of stuff is also very good.

15. EverBuying


This website also has a great collection of jewelry and also electronics which is very similar to aliexpress. The prices on this website are also similar to Ali Express and you will be able to buy them in huge quantity. The shipping is free all over the world. They also have a money back guarantee on their website and you will be able to shop without any hesitation on this website.

Conclusion –

So this was the complete list of sites like aliexpress. If the article was helpful to you then please let us know in the comments down below.