Jungle Scout Review: Categories, Filter, Price, Rank, Weight, Keywords, Rating, Seller

I did an honest little bit of analysis on Amazon not too way back and one among the tools I was hearing regarding was Jungle Scout, which may be a tool designed to assist in finding things that will sell well on Amazon.

Jungle Scout offers an internet app that lets users search info of Amazon things for products to sell and a Chrome extension that permits users to show info about a product. This review covers the net app and a few of the drawbacks.

What do we know about Jungle Scout?

In this how the Jungle Scout works review you may be introduced to the present vital app and the way it may earn you a bunch of money on Amazon. It’s basically a market research tool that has become the go-to for new people who wants to sell on Amazon, additionally as their power sellers.

Jungle Scout is known to be a WebApp and chrome extension that may be employed by those Amazon entrepreneurs wanting to access merchandise that may be hidden in its in-depth information. It’ll assist you in building a good and profitable Amazon business by uncovering merchandise to sell.

Created by Jungle Scout, this app is meant to use data to tell good business ideas.

How much accurate is the Jungle Scout?

The data provided on the Jungle Scout is powerful if you perceive a way to interpret it for the wellness of your business. The app won’t tell you what product will sell it’s not that clever.

However, it will provide you with correct averages of sales and from this recommend estimations.  Some feel that the estimates over there are inflated and this is often wherever your interpretation as a user is very important.

You wish to use context, seasonality, information of trends – then assume – will this information add up? is it a very associate opportunity? It’s at least worth noting that the estimates there are calculated by the sales ranking, which might change each hour – thus, it depends on what you count as up-to-date, correct info.

Database of the Product

Database of the product

With the merchandise information, you’ll be able to use Jungle Scout’s filters to search out some of the stuff on Amazon based on certain criteria.

Here is the list of all o them


You can choose what all categories to filter. Maybe you have got a powerful data or interest in a very specific class and wish to go looking for things solely on the basis of those categories.

As you are a beginner in selling, you will wish to avoid some categories like electrical equipment, as they need a lot of components that may break. Otherwise you might want to deselect some of the gated categories such as Grocery Food.

In any case, you’ll be able to choose or de-select all the categories which you simply wish to go looking in.


Filters permit you to slim your search by criteria such as (SP) selling price, item weight and variety of reviews and a lot of.  Here we have some ordinarily counseled settings.


Several Amazon sellers suggest searching for things between $18 and $50 for brand spanking new sellers. If you sell a lower priced item, then can but it will be tougher to create cash as a result of Amazon vendor fees will dig your profits and if you sell a rich item, then it’ll sometimes be a lot expensive for you to get.


You ought to additionally use either rank or calculable sales. For e-commerce, specialists say that something beneath eight,000-10,000 ranks will sell well. If you’re using the calculated sales, you most likely wish one thing that sells a minimum of three units on a daily basis. Therefore three hundred would be a decent minimum variety for calculable monthly sales.


For brand spanking, new sellers that are becoming into personal labeling, seek for those things that are beneath a pair of pounds. Lighter things can have lower shipping prices. High shipping prices will cut back your profit margins.


Some individuals prefer to filter on a variety of reviews. Things with but at least a hundred reviews are going to represent items with the demand that you simply will still have to compete with. Some individuals prefer to solely pursue things with lower than fifty reviews.

Items with heaps of reviews may be terribly competitive and tougher to induce traction with on Amazon.


You can enter keywords you wish to go looking for additionally as keywords you wish excluded from your search results.


Generally, a very low rating may be a chance to beat your competitors by giving a far better product. Filtering on things that sell well, however, has a lower rating may be a technique of finding profitable merchandise.


For the seller, you’ll be able to choose Amazon, consummated by Amazon and/or consummated by the merchandiser. Some sellers don’t prefer to do competition directly with Amazon so that they will uncheck that box.


Another factor that you simply will filter on, are a variety of sellers and of listing quality (a rating for the way well-optimized listings for the Amazon search).

Things you should note down

A few limitations to notice concerning Jungle Scout…

1. The application will not cover each and everything on Amazon: It does have plenty of things in it and maybe a good supply of concepts, however, you must still do some analysis directly on Amazon.

Once you discover a remarkable product, you’ll add it into merchandise tracker over there, which is able to show you info on the merchandise when it’s collected for a couple of days.

2. Bottom line: Don’t bank solely on Jungle Scout’s information to seek out things for you. Do some looking out directly on Amazon to uncover a lot of opportunities.

3. The sales estimate isn’t correct each and every time if truth be told; generally, it may be off by a major margin. If you discover a remarkable item, add it to the merchandise tracker over there and let it collect information, therefore you’ll get a much better plan of what the particular sales volume is.

4. Books: marketing books is a wholly completely different game; therefore Jungle Scout isn’t a tool you’ll use if you’re curious about marketing new or used books or launching your own book.

The pros and the cons of the Jungle Scout application

The positives of the Jungle Scout app are a lot however base of it makes market research fast and straightforward. It would basically be not at all possible to run an FBA business anyhow without the information provided by the Jungle Scout. Its super simple to use that is what makes it such a strong tool. It’ll prevent time, and therefore the interface is evident and effective – creating it easy to interpret metrics. Once learning the way to use Jungle Scout – you’ll be stunned how quickly you choose it!

The overall downside, there is some doubt about the validity of the information provided. Because of the supported sales ranks, and these will amendment very quickly, it’s tough to trust the estimates instructed.  However, this tool isn’t meant to interchange a savvy business mind – however, it provides facilitate and support in creating sound selections. This implies you would like to bring intelligence to the interpretation of information.

Additional worryingly, maybe, is that there’s typically a distinction within the information provided by the extension and therefore the WebApp. This is often one thing that Jungle Scout promises to be easily looking into.

Also, all of there are some products not enclosed. This implies you’ll still find yourself doing a little manual analysis anyway.  A product that Jungle Scout is basically not useful with books if you seek for an example.

How do I take advantage of Jungle Scout to seek out the most effective product?

The easiest and most effective way to begin finding the most effective product is to open Chrome, with the extension loaded.  You then have to run a product search and every one the sales information for the product within the search list is easily available for you. This provides you an insight into how the product in this explicit line is acting overall and for everyone one of your potential competitors.

However, this needs you to already have a good product line in mind.


This was the complete jungle scout web app review.

Overall I would say, Jungle Scout is a very good tool to use if you are thinking about doing competitive research for selling on Amazon.

You should give a try to this application. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, we would love to have a look at your thoughts.

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